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Secrets of the Hebrew Bible - A Seminar with Uri Harel

Secrets of the Hebrew Bible - A Seminar with Uri Harel
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One of the most important teachings of our time A complete seminar with Uri Harel, Director of the Center for Biblical Hebrew SECRETS OF THE HEBREW BIBLE SEMINAR (for self study)

This Seminar deeply covers the following subjects:

*The purpose of Creation and that of mankind. *The chosen people and their uniquely designated task. *How do languages develop as well as the fascinating origin of Hebrew. *The power of Hebrew: what Hebrew is and why there is no other language like it. *Why Hebrew was chosen to deliver the Bible to mankind *Myth and reality in the story of the Tower of Babel. *How much of the original meaning of the Bible is lost in translation? *Encryptions, codes and 70 mysterious layers in the original Hebrew text (all lost in the translation). *The hand that wrote the Bible: the history and background of the Divine signature in the Hebrew text.

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