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RECOVER ALL! Reversal of Injustice and Crimes Against Humanity Warcry Black Warfare Victory Flags Set of 2 Flex™ Rod by Beauty for Ashes®
RECOVER ALL! Reversal of Injustice and Crimes Against Humanity Warcry Black Warfare Victory Flags Set of 2 Flex™ Rod by Beauty for Ashes®
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RECOVER ALL! Reversal of Injustice and Crimes Against Humanity Warcry Black Warfare Victory Flags Set of 2 Flex™ Rod by Beauty for Ashes®

'Recover All' Black Metallic Worship Flag Set of 2

~ Flag Bags are available also! ~

 Reversal of INJUSTICE and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY WARCRY Warfare flags have a slight wind to them, are super slim and lightweight. Choice of Superflex™ rods, which are very flowy and flexible, or our Flex™ rods, which are flexible but firm enough for a warfare worship and lots of spin moves. They are the "RECOVER ALL" Flags! Made to order by Beauty for Ashes Boutique® in the USA. They make the worship easy and simple for even the beginner, and even better for the advanced. Flags are prayed over (and sometimes warfared over!) and anointed with hand-made Yadah, Anoint Yourself™, or Third Heaven™ Anointing Oil also available for separate purchase. These additional sizes are available:

Regular size is approximately 51" x 54". Flex™(firmer) or Superflex™ Choice

Small size is approximately 45" x 54". Superflex™ Rods. Small flags are recommended for those who are petite and older children.

Petit Flags are approximately 38" x 45" with shorter rods your choice of Superflex™(firmer) or Maxiflex(more flexible)™

Mini Flags are approximately 35" x 42" with shorter rods. Superflex™(firmer) or Maxiflex(more flexible)™ Rod Choice. Mini flags are recommended for small children or handicapped adults.

Billowy Flags are just under 5' x 55" in size. Flex™(firmer) or Superflex™ Choice

Colossal Flags are 6' x 55" in size. We recommend Flex™ for these flags unless you want them overly flexible and a slow and overdrawn worship, then choose Superflex™.

The normal handling time to make your flags is 4 weeks. We included a drop down menu if you need your flags completed(made to order) sooner.

"Who will cry out for all the injustices throughout the generations? Who will restore everything that has been stolen from your generational line? Who will band together and petition against all the crimes against humanity? Who will fight for you, and will cry out for all the crimes against creation?

For Satan is the destroyer of life. He is the advocate of Death and Suffering – agony and defeat.

But I , Elohim, am the lifter of your head. I am the creator, and I make all things new. I am the God of healing and restoration. I am the God of recompense. I am the God of the reversal of every evil deed.

Recover All! Recover All! Someone is praying!

Recover All! Recover All! Someone is praying!

I am being flooded with prayers, children! I am being beckoned to revisit every evil deed, every injustice, every crime against humanity; to reverse the effects of all harm done throughout the generations.

For who can do such a feat; such a lofty call? But I am being overloaded with requests and cries. And the war cries of my people are surrounding my ears and filling my nostrils; for shall I ignore such an opportunity? Shall I turn a deaf ear to these requests and demands? Shall I wink mine eye? Shall I leave the earth wasted before me in such a state?

I say nay! I say nay!

Heaven is being bombarded with prayers, requests, cries, war cries, reminders, and petitions. I say our courts in heaven are booked all day and all night. But the King, the Ruler of all; is about to veto and override all lengthy wait times for answers to requests being made from the earth.

And I say – I shall Recover All. I shall Recover All! Halleluyah! I have your best interest in mind my daughter, and my son. And I have set out the decree to recover all in every area!

I am calling out a worldwide reversal of injustice and crimes against my creation. Beginning with the sins of Adam and Eve, the creations of the Nephilim, and every other dark and sinister action meant for your destruction. I am sending the legions of angels to do the work – and I have sent out a decree for a reversal of every injustice and crimes against my creation.

Come into alignment! Come into alignment!

I am about the press the “override” button!

Get Ready! Get Ready! For it will happen not only for you, but for your family; your relatives, your neighbors, your neighborhood, your city, your state, your nation – going throughout the world. I am about the press the override button!

Keep praying, keep asking, keep knocking, for the bowls of prayer requests are hitting to the overflow!

Not one will be missed or overlooked! The injustices have not been forgotten. For I have every instance accounted for. We have file cabinets full of records of every detail, delay, denial, loss, misfortune, and looting.

Hear me! Hear me! The prayers of my people have overloaded the bowls of prayers and they are about to spill out the recompense, the reversal, for every situation, for every record.

For I am the God of vengeance, and recompense. I shall recover all for the sake of my people and for my kingdom. For my bride shall have her treasures and her adornments. She shall be beautiful and lovely to the eye.

For the eye of mankind sees the outward. And I shall recover all so mankind shall see the mercies of the Lord being bestowed upon the earth and all of creation.

See it! See it!

Know it! Know it!

It shall happen and you shall see it come to pass.

For has there ever been such a time as this? For has there ever been a worldwide reversal or disorder reversed in the history of the earth? Is it too good to be true?

All the blessings that have been withheld are being released. Heaven is about to tip the bowls unto the earth! I am about the unlock the cage! I am about to destroy the evil works! I am about to bring the recompense! I am about to free you!

Forgive! Forgive! Give your requests and war cries to me, and I shall recover all!" - Janet Mata@ www.ItsYourDivineDestiny.com

The Lord put on our heart to make a black worship flag. It wasn't something I was excited about being black in a worship flag just seems so dark. So we looked it up, the meaning of the black flag in past decades. It all made sense, and just happens to go with the word we received from God for our radio show above. Basically its saying NO to evil govermment! Now we began to make the flags, and realized that these are not worship flags, rather they are warfare victory flag!

This is what we found:

Article by: Lynn Atchison Beech Rate this symbol:(5.00 / 3 votes) The black flag, and the color black in general, have been associated with anarchism since the 1880s. Many anarchist collectives contain the word "black" in their names. There have been a number of anarchist periodicals entitled Black Flag. The uniform blackness of the flag is in stark contrast to the colorful flags typical of most nation-states. Additionally, as a white flag is the universal symbol for surrender to superior force, the counter-opposite black flag would logically be a symbol of defiance and opposition to surrender.

Historical origins The black flag represents the absence of a flag, and thus stands in opposition to the very notion of nation-states. In that light, the flag can be seen as a rejection of the concept of representation, or the idea that any person or institution can adequately represent a group of individuals. Modern anarchism has a shared ancestry with – amongst other ideologies – socialism, a movement strongly associated with the red flag. As anarchism became more and more distinct from socialism in the 1880s, it adopted the black flag in an attempt to differentiate itself. Some anarchists at the time, such as Peter Kropotkin, preferred to continue using the red flag rather than adopt the black.

Both the black and red flags first gained notoriety for their use by Buccaneers, who were pirates of French origin operating in the West Indies. The black flag (later the "Jolly Roger") was displayed, or 'run up' the mast, first as an indication that the lives of the crew would be spared if they surrendered. If the crew resisted, the red flag would then be displayed to indicate that the offer of amnesty had been withdrawn; no prisoners would be taken (see also Jolly Roger/Pirate flag below).

Anarchism is often defined as a political philosophy which holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful. However, others argue that while anti-statism is central, it is inadequate to define anarchism. Therefore, they argue instead that anarchism entails opposing authority or hierarchical organization in the conduct of human relations, including, but not limited to, the state system. Proponents of anarchism, known as "anarchists", advocate stateless societies based on non-hierarchical free associations.

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