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Psaltys Salvation Celebration DVD Live People Traveling Worship Music Show Movie

Psaltys Salvation Celebration DVD Live People Traveling Worship Music Show Movie
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Psalty's Salvation Celebration!

"We loved watching the Psalty videos with our kids, and now our grandkids.  I highly recomend them as tools to teach children about God" 

--Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Drive in Life

"Psalty is a trememdous vehicle for influencing kids and families to form Christian values and to make decisions to follow Christ." 

--Cliff Barrows  The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

GREAT COMEDY - Real life drama as a your girl struggles to share her faith.

 Shelley, who is thrilled to be in Psalty's Salvation Celebration whistle-stop train tour to St. Louis - singing and dancing are her favorite things to do!  But the idea of sharing a testimony has her more than a little nervous.  And the dastardly Risky Rat, disguised as a talent agent, eagerly takes advantage of Shelly's uncertainty.  Complications pile up for her, and as the tour approaches St. Louis she's torn between doing what is right or chasing Risky's made up showbiz dreams.  

Includes six songs from the original recording: 

Salvations Celebration, Be Ready to Give an Answer, Born Again, God has a Plan for my Life, Big Bad Risky and Happy Re-Birthday. 

DVD Package includes Coloring Pages -- Choose from 6 different pages!

Product Information:
Title: Psalty's Salvation Celebration
Format: DVD
Release Date: 1992
Rating: not rated
Recording Mode: unknown
UPC: unknown

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