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Metallic Sapphire Blue Deep Calls Unto Deep Prophetic Worship Flags with Flex™ Flexible Rod Set of 2 by Beauty for Ashes® Boutique
Metallic Sapphire Blue Deep Calls Unto Deep Prophetic Worship Flags with Flex™ Flexible Rod Set of 2 by Beauty for Ashes® Boutique
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Metallic Sapphire Blue Deep Calls Unto Deep Prophetic Worship Flags with Flex™ Flexible Rod Set of 2 by Beauty for Ashes® Boutique

Sapphire Blue 'Deep Calls Unto Deep' Worship Flag Set of 2

~ Flag Bags are available also! ~

  These flowy worship flags have a slight wind to them, super slim and lightweight, on our or Superflex™ rods, which are very flowy and flexible, or our Flex™ rods, which are flexible but firm enough for a warfare worship and lots of spin moves. They are the "Metallic Deep Calls Unto Deep" Flags!. The rod choice of flex™ or superflex™ rods, and size choice of regular(shown in the photos), oversized or small. Made to order with love and prayer by Beauty for Ashes Boutique® in the USA. They make the worship easy and simple for the beginner, and even better for the advanced. Flags are prayed over (and sometimes warfared over!) and anointed with hand-made Yadah, Anoint Yourself™, or Third Heaven™ Anointing Oil also available for separate purchase.

These additional sizes are available:

Regular size is approximately 51" x 54". Flex™(firmer) or Superflex™ Choice

Small size is approximately 45" x 54". Superflex™ Rods. Small flags are recommended for those who are petite and older children.

Petit Flags are approximately 38" x 45" with shorter rods your choice of Superflex™(firmer) or Maxiflex(more flexible)™

Mini Flags are approximately 35" x 42" with shorter rods. Superflex™(firmer) or Maxiflex(more flexible)™ Rod Choice. Mini flags are recommended for small children or handicapped adults.

Billowy Flags are just under 5' x 55" in size. Flex™(firmer) or Superflex™ Choice

Colossal Flags are 6' x 55" in size. We recommend Flex™ for these flags unless you want them overly flexible and a slow and overdrawn worship, then choose Superflex™.

The normal handling time to make your flags is 4 weeks. We included a drop-down menu if you need your flags completed(made to order) sooner.

Psalm 42:7 - "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me."

Kyoko is 5'3" and is using the small flags with superflex™ rods in Israel.

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