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Hebrew Prayer Essentials with Priestly Blessing

Hebrew Prayer Essentials with Priestly Blessing
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Product Description

If you understand the power of Hebrew prayer -here's something for your soul! Introducing: Hebrew Prayer Essentials - 4 charts plus a slow pace audio tutorial CD

A pure soothing gift for your soul and spirit!

Finally, a touch of spirit that is guaranteed to make your soul soar with joy and love. This is a home tutorial that is geared at students who are looking for a beginner's tutorial that is right to the point, clear as day, simple to use and as friendly as can be. With these charts, supported by actual teachings on the enclosed CD by Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, the former director of Hebrew programs at Arizona State University, you'll feel that you actually have a private tutor to support you! Furthermore, with Hebrew Essentials, your tutoring does not end when you are done practicing the enclosed charts! Users who order this set now, are entitles to additional new charts and recorded tutorials that will be available for download for six moths! In fact, there is already a new beautiful prayer chart ready for immediate download.

What is included?

Track 11 of the 24-tracks CD includes an absolutely divine rendition of the famous Shabbat song Shalom Aleychem. It is sung by Sassi Keshet, one of Israel's most beloved singers. This rendition is probably the most beautiful performance of this Shabbat prayer you've ever heard in your life. It was licenced to Hebrew World for the Hebrew Prayer Essentials.

* 2-sided coated charts + audio CD. (Regular CD, play it anywhere.) * Includes 7 Biblical prayers: Hear O Israel, Shabbat (Shalom Aleychem, May Peace Reign Upon You), Psalm 23, Healing prayer, A prayer for Israel and its People and "Ma Tovu", How Goodly, all sung and narrated in Hebrew.* *English and Hebrew charts. * Audio CD includes some narration practice in 3 reading speeds: very slow, slow and normal.

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