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Rend The Heavens Iridescent Opaline Worship Flag Set of 2 (Super Flex™)

Rend The Heavens Iridescent Opaline Worship Flag Set of 2 (Super Flex™)
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Rend The Heavens Iridescent Opaline Worship Flag Set of 2 (Super Flex™)

Rend the Heavens Praise Banner Worship Flag Set of 2

~ Flag Bags are available also! ~

 These beautiful Rend the Heavens Flags are made of an iridescent opaline type of milky white material representing the heavens. The colors change according to different lighting. They are about 39" in diameter and feature super-flexible rods for comfort and ease. Super-lightweight, great for beginners and for a flowy worship. Made to order by Beauty for Ashes Boutique® in the USA. Flags are prayed over and anointed with hand-made Yadah Anointing Oil available for purchase for $21.00 a roll-on bottle.

Isaiah 64:1 - Oh, that you would burst from the heavens and come down! How the mountains would quake in your presence! "

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Please note:  Beauty for Ashes Boutique carries t-shirts, worship flags, clothing, jewelry and accessories; many with our trademark brand name 'Beauty for Ashes' - which means God will restore Beauty in place of life's ashes - Isaiah 61:3.  None of our items carry literal ashes.  Instead, our items carry the blessings of God representing restoration and divine destiny for each individual.


Custom Made Worship Flag Bag with Ribbon Tie Closure by Beauty for Ashes®
Custom made worship flag holder bags - we can make different heights and widths. The ones here fit our worship flags perfectly. The flag bag on the left is holding 8 sets of our flags rolled up, with room to spare. For custom orders, call us at 800 518-4550. $35.00 & Up.

The bag the model is wearing is a small bag (8 inches by 40 inches). The 11" wide bags will fit about 15-20 regular flex rod flag sets if rolled up properly. These bags are made to last with quality and love. The picture at the top is the soft Desert Camo material with pink accents (sold out) The picture to the left displays our bronze bag with lining. Lining color may vary depending on availability.
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
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