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Explore the Mishkan - The Tabernacle with Educational Software

Explore the Mishkan - The Tabernacle with Educational Software
Item# explore-the-mishkan--the-tabernacle-with-educational-software
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Explore the Mishkan - the Tabernacle with an interactive multimedia experience - this breakthrough educational software program is an astounding and unprecedented achievement in the audiovisual presentation of Torah knowledge!!

P3 PROGRAMS IN ONE! VERSE-BY-VERSE EXPLORATION *Each verse with translation *Photo-realistic illustrations *Alternate opinions *Detailed dimensions *Animations of the details in the verse *Audio commentary *Flowing Chumash/Rashi text with elucidation *LIFELIKE ANIMATIONS * Also receive the Hebrew/English Mishkan's Phonetic Biblical reference Guide with Hebrew narration. Text presented on CD-ROM with advanced PDF with sound. Only $44.95

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